Conceived back in 2003 Kokopelli set out to build a reputation for intimate events with a finely tuned approach to it’s music policy.


After a number of collaborations with other promoters around 2005, parties paused for a while for some reflection and consideration of direction...


After the first launch party in Manchester, events were then held at the legendary Attic with James Harcourt  (Twisted Frequency) headlining at the first night.  With line-ups featuring up and coming talent, revellers could expect more melodic and deeper house music with substance and meaning. 


With influences from NYC to spain, and a decade of partying across Manchester and the north of the UK, the Kokopelli residents gained a faithful following of house music afficionados and open minded party-goers.


Since this time, Kokopelli has progressed to being an independent record label, allowing the artist complete and unbridled influcence over their musical style.  It is quite simple; a meeting of minds, a captivating groove and collective appreciation. 


Though no events are planned, the Kokopelli residents still hold house music dearly within their hearts.  Besides, you never know...


Dave Farrer

Blaireau Tabou

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Dave Farrer

Inspired from being introduced to music at a very early age when his mother played Disco tracks on vinyl and his earliest recollection was being hypnotised by the retro seventies dials on the stereo which she used to play them. His father, a Jazz fanatic, helped to develop his appreciation of music which challenges the senses. As a result, his musical influences are very diverse, from the groove of Disco, to the complexity and intelligence of Jazz; the benefit from growing up in a musically diverse family. It is this influence, which typifies his DJ sets as starting in one place and intelligently progressing to another.…

Blaireau Tabou

Nocturnal and lives in the underground...



Music for your soul...


Manchester (UK)




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